Let Warner Connect deliver the performance and reliability you need to serve and manage your online applications. From basic web and email hosting to large, mission-critical application hosting projects, we have the experience and technology to deliver high-end solutions with specific benefits for small to medium sized businesses.

We have a complete network infrastructure that is designed to work with a wide range of technologies to deliver the solutions our customers need. Your business isn’t pre-packaged—your hosting shouldn’t be either.

We’re more than just a “hosting company”. We provide a whole range of connectivity options designed for smaller businesses. So as you grow, we’ll be there every step of the way to help you stay ahead of the competition—adding virtualization, remote systems management, and other IT infrastructure and software solutions as you need them.  It’s a whole new way to think about hosting, and it’s a smarter way of doing business.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

There are many challenges facing your company’s data backup such as limited bandwidth, large data volumes, and a lack of IT resources. When it comes to disaster recovery, these data backups are of ultimate importance. Your processes, business data, and customer data are all tethered to your IT systems – your computers, email, shared folders, and servers. When it comes to that, you need all the protection you can get. Catastrophic data loss doesn’t have to be catastrophic at all.

Warner Connect gives you complete backup, recovery, and business continuity solutions that are built for businesses of every size, regardless of infrastructure.

Imagine the peace-of-mind that comes with knowing your business data is safe and sound – ready to restore at a moment’s notice.

When disaster strikes, be ready. Our remote systems management and redundant connectivity solutions will get you back on your feet and back to work.

  • Standards & Best Practices
  • Security Policy Management
  • Secure Email & Privacy Systems
  • Planning & Strategy
  • Documentation & Test Plans
  • Recovery Plans
  • Redundant Systems Infrastructure
  • Testing & Validation

Why You Need Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

A comprehensive data back-up strategy is vital to your data security. Too many people wait until disaster strikes before they think about a back-up, or whether or not their existing back-up system can actually restore their data. A good back-up is an excellent way to protect against viruses, deteriorating hard drives and human error.

Protect mission-critical data

Increase employee productivity

Reduce or avoid revenue loss

Reduce downtime

Resume business quickly

Simplified Implementation and Easy to Use

  • Automatic backups work in background, using minimal resources
  • Recover data by any user, anytime
  • Instantly retrieve single files or entire system data

Worry Free Managed Data Protection

  • Organizational data backed up securely offsite
  • We can manage the entire recovery process for you
  • Reliable backup and DR technology

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