Warner Connect Cyber Security Services utilize the very best threat detection and response platform software available. We deliver these solutions to businesses who may have had to push aside security due to budget constraints or lack of resources.

It’s critical to protect your network infrastructure from threats to prevent an impact to your operations, protect your data, and ultimately safeguard your business.

Vulnerability Management

Warner Connect Vulnerability Management Cyber Security Service Offerings, MN

Vulnerability management is a process to identify and evaluate vulnerabilities in IT, followed by correcting the vulnerabilities and removing the risk, or accepting the risk if the impact is low or cost does not outweigh the damages.

Warner Connect’s vulnerability management solution uses an intelligence-driven defense to help you discovery, assess and prioritize threats, or stay ahead of them completely.

Why Do You Need Vulnerability Management?

It’s important for organizations to use vulnerability management because of an increase in cyber-crime. The process will allow a business to have a continuous overview of vulnerabilities in their IT environments and understand risks associated with them.

Benefits of Vulnerability Management

Visual results with dashboard

Save time poring through scans

Quick and easy asset prioritization

Automatic & on-demand vulnerability scanning

Our Vulnerability Management Process


Define the scope of the vulnerability management process – determining which processes and systems to utilize.

Vulnerability Scan

Using industry-leading vulnerability scanning tools, a scan is run and reports are processed.

Remediating Actions

Analyze any vulnerabilities and determine the risks involved to come up with a remediation action plan.

Implement Actions

Execute on the remediating actions within an appropriate timeframe.


Once a vulnerability is remediated, schedule a rescan to verify actions have been successfully implemented.

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