Warner Connect Cyber Security Services utilize the very best threat detection and response platform software available. We deliver these solutions to businesses who may have had to push aside security due to budget constraints or lack of resources.

It’s critical to protect your network infrastructure from threats to prevent an impact to your operations, protect your data, and ultimately safeguard your business.

Threat Management

Company’s today are constantly adapting automation and new technology into their environments, making the ability to efficiently and securely manage emerging threats even more important. Insecure data can lead to loss of business continuity, failing to meet compliance standards, and even complete data loss.

Warner Connect is well-versed in cyber security and threat management. We ensure any threat is caught and managed appropriately, if not stopped all together from happening. We can help you achieve system-wide, coordinated threat detection and incident response with integrated security capabilities and threat intelligence. Our solutions will give you the visibility you need for effective management and response.

Threat Management and Vulnerability Management by Warner Connect

Features of Threat Management

Security Alerts

Proactive protection with system-wide warnings of threats

Intrusion Detection & Prevention

Identify and remove threats before they ever touch your network

Visual Dashboard

Makes threat management and prioritization easy

Flexible Deployments

Many options for deployment of threat management solutions

Benefits of Threat Management

Find threats faster

Minimize threat impact

Security intelligence

Ensure compliance

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