Warner Connect Cyber Security Services utilize the very best threat detection and response platform software available. We deliver these solutions to businesses who may have had to push aside security due to budget constraints or lack of resources.

It’s critical to protect your network infrastructure from threats to prevent an impact to your operations, protect your data, and ultimately safeguard your business.


Some compliance requirements are imposed by governmental regulations such as HIPAA and SOX, or regulatory direction from state and US agencies such as the FTC, FCC and the SEC. There are also voluntary requirements, such as PCI compliance requirements that are driven by the desire to offer credit card charge processing to customers.

Warner Connect’s services allow you to quickly achieve compliance by assigning roles and policies instrumental for you to successfully complete audits and to stay on top of regulatory changes.

We believe in a strategic approach to disaster recovery and regulatory compliance. Utilizing industry best practices and recognized standards, we help Minnesota companies in the financial, medical and manufacturing industries develop compliance programs and deliver the IT infrastructure to support their needs. Warner Connect’s data centers are state-of-the-art to meet the most stringent compliance requirements in today’s environment, and the overlay of our stringent, disciplined processes give you the peace of mind that your compliance requirements are always met.

Warner Connect has years of historical experience in the design and building of data centers. This experience is exemplified in the design of our own data centers, giving our clients the confidence that their data is not only secure but that compliance regulations have been met as well.

We can help you meet the requirements of federal regulations, including:

  • HIPAA Compliance Audits
  • FDA Part 11 Compliance
  • PCI Compliance (Payment Card Industry)
  • SOX Compliance (Sarbanes-Oxley)
  • GLBA Compliance (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act)
Warner Connect IT Compliance Management Services

Benefits of IT Compliance Management

Auditor-ready reports

Standardize controls

Continuous threat detection

Integration with regulatory data sources

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