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What We Do

At Warner Connect, we partner with non-profit organizations to develop and deploy IT solutions that are practical, affordable, and tailored to the unique needs of the sector.

Our comprehensive services include help desk support, cybersecurity measures, compliance assurance, data backup and disaster recovery strategies, Microsoft 365 services, IT strategy consulting, professional services, cloud solutions, and data migration. We understand the distinctive challenges of the non-profit sector and customize our solutions to address these requirements effectively.

Non Profit IT Solution

Problems We Solve

01 Digital Transformation for Social Impact

Affordable Non Profit IT Solution

Technology Modernization

We ensure optimal functionality of the various digital tools that non-profit organizations rely on for donor management, volunteer coordination, and project management by keeping all software up-to-date and properly licensed.

Fundraising for Non Profit

Fundraising Enhancements

We implement digital strategies to enhance fundraising efforts, making it easier for donors to contribute and for your organization to track and manage donations.

Volunteer Management for Non Profit

Optimized Volunteer Management

We provide solutions for efficient volunteer management, from recruitment to task assignment, ensuring a seamless experience for your volunteers.

Streamlined Volunteer Data

We offer customizable templates for managing volunteer data, allowing you to easily track volunteer hours, tasks, and impact.

Improved Donor Engagement

Our team assists non-profits in maintaining strong donor relationships by leveraging Microsoft products to track donor interactions, personalize communications, and analyze donor behavior.

02 Data Governance and Operational Efficiency

Promoting Data Security

We ensure the security of your data by implementing robust data protection measures, including encryption, secure data storage, and regular security audits.

Dynamic Fundraising Metrics

We provide tools to track and analyze fundraising metrics, helping you understand donor behavior and optimize your fundraising strategies.

Boosting Operational Efficiency

We streamline your operations by automating repetitive tasks, optimizing workflows, and implementing efficient project management tools.

Cost Management

We help non-profits better manage their IT budgets by providing predictable monthly costs and reducing the need for large capital expenditure on IT infrastructure.

03 Organizational Growth and Social Investment

Maximizing Social Impact

We help you leverage technology to maximize your social impact, enabling you to reach more people and make a bigger difference.

Collaboration and Communication

We assist in setting up and managing collaboration tools to ensure effective communication among multiple departments, whether they are in the office or on-site.

Training and Support

We provide ongoing training on new technologies and offer support when issues arise.

04 Empowering Non-Profits with Microsoft Solutions

Streamlined Operations

As a Microsoft Partner, we assist non-profits in leveraging Microsoft Dynamics 365 to streamline processes, automate workflows, and centralize data, enabling them to focus on their core mission while optimizing resource allocation.

Data-Driven Decision Making

We deploy Microsoft tools like Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive to enhance collaboration, facilitate knowledge sharing, and enable data-driven insights, empowering non-profits to harness data for strategic planning and impact measurement.

Boosting Efficiency

Our expertise in Microsoft Azure allows us to build, deploy, and manage applications in secure, Microsoft-managed data centers, providing non-profits with cost-effective cloud solutions, scalability, and robust performance.

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Our Approach

At Warner Connect, we don’t just resolve IT issues—we unlock your organization’s full potential. Our approach is holistic: we clarify goals, provide customized solutions, and ensure expert implementation and management for your success.

Why Us?

In today’s dynamic non-profit landscape, organizations are seeking efficient ways to achieve significant results without breaking the bank. At Warner Connect, we understand that success lies in smart business practices. Our commitment to excellence ensures that your organization remains controlled, connected, and collaborative.

Benefit To Your Non Profit

With Warner Connect’s technology, you can:

Enhance IT Infrastructure

 Improve the robustness and reliability of your IT infrastructure, leading to better performance and increased operational efficiency in your non-profit operations.

Maximize IT Resource Efficiency

Our services can maximize IT resource efficiency, leading to cost savings and improved productivity in your operations.

Leverage Real-Time IT Analytics

Gain access to real-time IT analytics. This allows for informed decision-making, helping you stay ahead of the curve in the non-profit sector.

Streamline IT Management

We help streamline IT management, reducing complexity and ensuring smooth operations in your IT environment.

Boost Team Collaboration

Our collaboration tools can boost collaboration across departments, leading to a more cohesive and efficient workforce.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

With our services, you can ensure IT regulatory compliance, helping you meet the stringent regulations in the non-profit sector.

Improve Operational Efficiency

We can help improve IT operational efficiency in your non-profit operations, leading to cost savings and improved productivity.

Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks

Decrease the risk of data breaches by up to 50% with our services, safeguarding your digital assets and reputation in the non-profit sector.

Enhance Decision-Making Process

Accelerate IT decision-making processes by nearly 21%, enhancing operational efficiency and responsiveness.

Secure Remote Access

Working with us can save you an average of 11% per week through secure remote access, enabling a connected and productive workforce, from anywhere.

Lower Remediation Costs

We assist in reducing security breach remediation costs by up to 80% and decrease the likelihood of breaches by 50%, protecting your organization from cyber threats.

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Our Team

In the industry of non-profit, Warner Connect stands out with its exceptional team of seasoned experts. Each member brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our operations, contributing significantly to our success in the industry.

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