Spending all your time fixing computer problems while trying to expand? Warner Connect puts an end to this familiar problem.

Managing a fast-growing company created a lot of demands for a local home remodeling company. One of the biggest was keeping the company’s computers and its homegrown local area network running – a task that would take just about all of the owner’s time. “Having to spend so much time solving computer problems was the last thing I needed,” the owner recalls of his company’s early years. “There were days when nothing seemed to work properly. We were losing data all the time, and our security was so poor that were constantly being hacked into. I wanted to grow the company, but I wasn’t going to do it this way.”

Hiring an expensive IT professional to solve their problems wasn’t an option since investment was needed to increase the sales force and expand product lines. Managed services seemed a better alternative. “I didn’t need a company to just manage my computers,” the owner says. “I needed a company that could also provide a big picture on expansion and how to grow your computer systems to support your business.”

Warner Connect has delivered just that.

All the heavy lifting

Warner Connect offers companies that don’t want to manage their computers, networks and phones an easy, reliable and hassle-free source for buying and managing these systems, including predictable pricing and standard packages with all the hardware, software and services they need.

In this case it meant:

  • Swapping out a slow and unsecured peer-to-peer network that could do little more than file sharing with a standardized enterprise-class IT infrastructure that a company like this could never afford on its own.
  • Implementing best practices for hardware and security. That means their data is never at risk and lost data is a distant memory.
  • Providing field sales force with easy remote access to a centrally hosted CRM system.
  • Providing extremely responsive and reliable help desk support. When their users have a problem, Warner Connect fixes it—fast.
  • Remotely diagnosing all server, desktop and laptop hardware problems.
  • Providing free consultation on IT infrastructure and business needs. When there’s a business problem to solve, Warner Connect comes up with the solution at no extra cost.
  • Ensuring one predictable and affordable fixed monthly rate. That means all the IT support they need with absolutely no surprises.

Providing support as needed, both onsite and offsite. When there was a hardware issue, Warner Connect picks up the equipment, fixes it and promptly reinstalls it. When the company wants to install an application, Warner Connect comes on-site and does it. If there is a problem with a related technology vendor, Warner Connect can usually bring the vendor around to the company’s point of view.

And all the things that matter

The little things matter, too, when it comes to a good relationship with a managed services provider.

Take Warner Connect’s help desk: “If there’s a problem, you just give them a call or send them an email, and you know it’s going to be taken care of.” Or how about correctly installing software: “I know it’s going to be done right on the proper computers.” Or what about surprises when you get the bill: “Warner Connect’s fixed month price makes it easy to budget. And I’m never reluctant to call them to fix a problem or discuss a new application. The bill never changes, no matter how heavily I use them during a particular month.”

Warner Connect is never stingy with its consulting expertise, either, the owner says. “Warner Connect has really helped us with our growth and expansion. I know I’ll never be wasting money by purchasing technology that won’t support us in the future. For someone in my situation, that’s what matters when it comes to a relationship with a managed services provider.”

“I get calls all the time from companies wanting to do my IT,” he notes. “But none of them seem to be as focused on customer satisfaction and service as Warner Connect.”