When it comes to choosing partners and business solutions for IT outsourcing, one of the biggest questions anybody would ask is: will it save me money?

However, we know that when looking at IT outsourcing, managed services, or IT-as-a-Service, there are many different elements to consider when determining whether or not it is a worthwhile investment – not just the price tag.

How Can I Determine True Cost of Service of IT Outsourcing?

  1. Who will I be doing business with?
    You should look a company’s experience and business model. Are they proactive or reactive? When you meet with them, look for whether they are consulting you or simply trying to sell you. A company that you choose should listen to you and help you reach your business goals.
  1. What are they offering me?
    If you’re looking at IT outsourcing, it’s important to know what exactly their services entail. Do they offer complete IT replacement or can they help augment your existing IT department? Does what they pitch match what they say on paper?
  1. What’s the catch?
    In any industry, vendors love to throw in hidden fees and gotchas. It’s important to ask questions to root out any hidden costs or limitations of service.
  1. How will it improve my business?
    Besides simply saving money, you should determine whether these services will improve productivity and risk mitigation, make audits easier, increase security and available documentation, obtain consistency, and help you achieve your business goals.
  1. How will it affect my bottom line?
    When you take into account all of the value that an IT outsourcing partner has to offer, then you should consider the cost.

To realize true cost savings, it’s important you work with a company that will not only sell you, but consult you – a company that understands your needs and has a vast knowledge of solutions that will best serve those needs. These companies value not only your budget, but your business goals and can recommend a number of solutions to reach those goals.

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