When working with us, customer support calls are reduced by 75%.


Minimize network downtime to less than 1%.


We are 100% management owned.

Why Choose Warner Connect

We make world-class IT Infrastructure and support affordable for small and medium sized businesses. Warner Connect is an IT managed services provider delivering Fortune 500 technologies and services to the Twin Cities SMB market. Our services allow you to adapt more quickly and efficiently, take advantage of new technologies, and rest easy knowing that your data is secure and safe. Contact us today and learn how easy it is to get started.

Grow Your Business

Minimize Risk & Increase Security

Receive Local Support

Lower IT Costs

How We Do It

What We Do

Warner Connect delivers IT environments that run in predictable ways by using unique processes and disciplines. Our main focus is to deliver high value services that align with your business goals.

IT Consulting Services

IT Management Services

Learn How Your Company Can Improve Productivity and Security

Put Our Expertise to Work For You

Warner Connect partners with key world-class manufacturers to ensure you have the most powerful business tools and current enterprise technologies. In addition to the list below, Warner Connect partners with many additional technology partners.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Warner Connect customer service has always been above and beyond.”
Program Manager, Social Services Organization
“Warner Connect has really helped us with our growth and expansion. I know I’ll never be wasting money by purchasing technology that won’t support us in the future. For someone in my situation, that’s what matters when it comes to a relationship with a managed services provider.”
Owner, Home Remodeling Company
“Warner Connect’s engineering is outstanding. And having one firm manage everything from planning to design to implementation to day-to-day management is tremendously economical for us and our members.”
President and CEO, IT Management Company


IT systems can be complex and overwhelming, especially for small and medium businesses. That’s why Warner Connect helps you create a strategy and follow it.


Warner Connect excels at providing security features as a part of what we do. We have a security focus because we know that it is business-critical.


Warner Connect understands that productivity is crucial to your business operations and bottom-line. Our services ensure productivity among all departments.


We can help you get away from complex and inefficient IT environments.