Are your IT costs spiraling out of control? Are unexpected IT emergencies frustrating your growth strategy? Does it seem like your technology is controlling your business rather than the other way around?

You’re not alone.

In today’s highly connected, rapidly changing world of technology, more and more organizations are achieving big company results at a small company price. Why? Because it’s just a smarter way of doing business. We provide everything you need to keep your business controlled, connected, and collaborative.


Warner Connect IT Strategy Services

When it comes to a strategy for your IT infrastructure, we have the experience and the research necessary to help you take the next step. Your IT strategy, and subsequent investment decisions, should move your brand, strategic vision, or mission forward, not just simply support your organization.

Our IT consultants are strategic thinkers with years of experience serving small to medium sized businesses right here in MN. They can assist you from concept and planning all the way through design and implementation of your network or applications.

From simple upgrades to complete IT outsourcing options, Warner Connect is an IT consulting firm that knows what works and what doesn’t.

Technology Roadmap

We help you develop a clear roadmap for the technology’s life-cycle that you can plan and budget ahead of time.

Technology Budget

We help you determine your technology budget based on your business needs and goals. This will help you map your budget for deployment and implementation goals over time.

Business Impact of Technology

We can find and evaluate the way technology is impacting your business currently, and what kind of technology changes can be made to impact it in other ways.

Security & Risk Management

We provide customized security audits that cover everything from desktops to servers.

Proven Methodology

Our methodology is a proven system guaranteed to deliver operational excellence.

Benefits of Our Strategy Services

Adopt the right technology faster and with less risk.

Pinpoint IT processes or technology with specific, and measurable benefits to your business.

Align business strategy with IT to improve responsiveness.

Gain all the tools needed to successfully achieve your goals

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